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album: Blues Bash Patron Donation

Blues Bash Patron Donation $500.00

album: Blues Bash Supporter Donation

Blues Bash Supporter Donation $150.00

album: BRMF $100 Donation

BRMF $100 Donation $100.00

Baton Rouge Musicians Fund
album: Captain Luke T-Shirt L

Captain Luke T-Shirt L $20.00

This Next Level Apparel 50/50 T-Shirt is a must have for any music lover. The shirt commemorates one of our dearest partner artists - Captain Luke. THE SIZE OF THIS SHIRT IS: LARGE
album: Captain Luke T-Shirt S

Captain Luke T-Shirt S $20.00

This Next Level Apparel 50/50 T-Shirt is a must have for any music lover. The shirt commemorates one of our dearest partner artists - Captain Luke. THE SIZE OF THIS SHIRT IS: SMALL
album: Captain Luke T-Shirt XL

Captain Luke T-Shirt XL $20.00

This Next Level Apparel 50/50 T-Shirt is a must have for any music lover. The shirt commemorates one of our dearest partner artists - Captain Luke. The SiZE OF THIS SHIRT IS: XL
album: Digital Whole Nine Yards

Digital Whole Nine Yards $600.00

Over the past 20 years Music Maker has accumulated an incredible collection of music from amazing artists from all over the South. Our new version of “The Whole Nine Yards” contains a digital collection of all 170 Music Maker releases consisting of 2,109 songs as well some unreleased gems. This beautiful package comes with a customized walnut USB drive, box, 5 greeting cards and a hard copy of the We Are The Music Makers! book.
album: Ironing Board Sam InstrumentHead Lithograph

Ironing Board Sam InstrumentHead Lithograph $40.00

Michael Weintrob’s InstrumentHead series of photographs captures an eclectic array of unique musicians and characters including Ironing Board Sam, Bootsy Collins and King Sunny Ade, Big Chief Boudreaux and Uncle Lionel Batiste. “Whether an individual is famous or an almost complete unknown, whether they play saxophone or sitar, the one thing they have in common is that music is central to everything they do.”  Weintrob explains, “I decided to place their instruments in front of their faces to blur the boundaries between each individual and the tools of their trade.  I was asked to create a tagline for InstrumentHead and I immediately came up with  ‘Where their head’s really at.’ For a moment, I considered changing it because it felt a little contrived.  However, I thought more about these intriguing, larger-than-life creatives for whom music is seemingly just as important as air and realized  ‘Where their head’s really at’ truly summed up the project.” Poster size is 24" x 18"
album: Music Maker Blues Revue Tour Jacket

Music Maker Blues Revue Tour Jacket $250.00

We have had several requests to bring back our exclusive Music Maker Tour Jackets and our answer is - YES! “Buy one, Give one” means that your order also provides a personalized jacket for one Music Maker artist. **AFTER YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER WE WILL REACH OUT TO REGARDING PERSONALIZATION AND SIZING** **Please expect a 6-8 weeks for your jacket to arrive.  Please place your order by December 15th**
album: Signed Boo & Dom Print

Signed Boo & Dom Print $25.00

This photo graced the cover of <a href="">Buffalo Junction</a>, the acclaimed album from <a href="">Boo Hanks</a> and <a href="">Dom Flemons</a> released in 2012. Now you can own an 8x10 print signed by the two artists - and the best part is that your purchase supports Music Maker's mission of preserving our Southern Roots! Don't have Buffalo Junction? <a href="">Get it here!</a>
album: Tintype Greeting Card Collection

Tintype Greeting Card Collection $25.00

Music Maker has been working to immortalize artists using Tin Type photography over the past year. This set of greeting cards features the five best images we have captured, and gives you two of each to send far and wide. Cards are blank inside so you can use them all year long. Check out a large photo of the greeting card collection <a href=""><b>here.</b></a> <a href="><b>Click here<b></a> to see a video of our Tin Type process, and read more about Tin Type photography at Music Maker.
album: Universe Pendant by Ironing Board Sam

Universe Pendant by Ironing Board Sam $60.00

Sam wanted the simple necklace to reflect what he believes the shape of the universe is that everyone can wear. Each one is hand crafted by Spiral Studios right here in Hillsborough, NC. We only have a limited number of these for sale, but we think they are a perfect gift for anyone. Each pendant comes strung on a leather cord, packaged in a small jewelry box perfect for wrapping.
album: We Are the Music Makers! Preserving the Soul of America's Music

We Are the Music Makers! Preserving the Soul of America's Music $38.00

***PLEASE NOTE International Buyers: We can only ship this item to the US addresses through our webstore. If you are an international customer and would like to purchase a book please email for more information.*** “We Are The Music Makers: Preserving The Soul Of America’s Music,” written by Timothy and Denise Duffy, features over 65 photographs taken by Tim Duffy over twenty years along with stories and songs. Of the book, B.B. King said, “We are the Music Makers highlights an essential part of our culture, providing us a glimpse into the lives of the amazing, and often little known, musicians of the American South. Tim Duffy has taken every opportunity to sustain a dimension of Blues culture that could easily be lost forever, and nowhere is that more apparent than in his new book.” Character sketches and black and white photographs of great American musicians Etta Baker, John Dee Holeman, Jerry ‘Boogie’ McCain, Taj Mahal, Willie King, Othar Turner, Little Freddie King, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, Ironing Board Sam, and the original guiding light for the Foundation’s formation, Guitar Gabriel, are shared in the book. The book also highlights other artists nestled deep in southern culture and telling a hidden story of American music. The book also highlights the musician’s vital role in Southern culture.
album: Music Maker Listener's Circle

Various: Music Maker Listener's Circle $30.00

Members of the Listener's Circle receive a limited edition compilation album every other month, designed exclusively for Circle members. Circle compilations feature unreleased tracks, previews of upcoming albums, and interesting musical material from the Music Maker stacks. These compilations are not available for sale, and once they are sent out to members, they go away forever. Each album comes hand-numbered, so you know just how many were made, along with a note from Tim. <b>By donating $30 monthly</b>, you not only join this exclusive society of Roots music devotees, you ensure Music Maker can continue the work we do to sustain and preserve Our Southern Roots. <i><b>Please note - </b> the Listener's Circle is available for a $30 per month donation. We regret that we cannot accept PayPal for monthly donations at this time. Please contact with any questions!</i>