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album: Ironing Board Sam InstrumentHead Lithograph

Ironing Board Sam InstrumentHead Lithograph $40.00

Michael Weintrob’s InstrumentHead series of photographs captures an eclectic array of unique musicians and characters including Ironing Board Sam, Bootsy Collins and King Sunny Ade, Big Chief Boudreaux and Uncle Lionel Batiste. “Whether an individual is famous or an almost complete unknown, whether they play saxophone or sitar, the one thing they have in common is that music is central to everything they do.”  Weintrob explains, “I decided to place their instruments in front of their faces to blur the boundaries between each individual and the tools of their trade.  I was asked to create a tagline for InstrumentHead and I immediately came up with  ‘Where their head’s really at.’ For a moment, I considered changing it because it felt a little contrived.  However, I thought more about these intriguing, larger-than-life creatives for whom music is seemingly just as important as air and realized  ‘Where their head’s really at’ truly summed up the project.” Poster size is 24" x 18"
album: Universe Pendant by Ironing Board Sam

Universe Pendant by Ironing Board Sam $60.00

Sam wanted the simple necklace to reflect what he believes the shape of the universe is that everyone can wear. Each one is hand crafted by Spiral Studios right here in Hillsborough, NC. We only have a limited number of these for sale, but we think they are a perfect gift for anyone. Each pendant comes strung on a leather cord, packaged in a small jewelry box perfect for wrapping.
album: Double Bang!

Ironing Board Sam: Double Bang! $20.00

After playing professionally for more than 55 years, Ironing Board Sam has amassed a staggering repertoire of both originals and classic blues and R&B songs. A truly gifted and engaging performer, Sam’s powerful, soulful voice and remarkable piano prowess remain undiminished. Double Bang is a result of those decades of experience combined with a creative and talented soul with a joy of spirit that is unrivaled. The Sydney Morning Herald said of Sam: “Ironing Board Sam, 73 years young, sang like his pants were on fire and attacked his keyboard as if it had sinned. He even dragged it from its stand and played it kneeling on the floor.”
album: Ironing Board Sam & the Sticks

Ironing Board Sam: Ironing Board Sam & the Sticks $12.00

In October 2012, Simon Arcache and Raphael Evrard arrived in Hillsborough, NC. Two young Frenchmen, both from the south of France, came to the US looking to meet their musical heroes. When they arrived, they found an apartment next to Ironing Board Sam – mission accomplished! They moved in and began to work for Music Maker. Over the next several months, they came under Ironing Board Sam’s tutelage, learning from Sam’s broad musical vocabulary.  In time, they became Sam’s guitar and bass and gigged with him on several festivals and club gigs.   Throughout Ironing Board Sam’s over 50 years in music, he has mentored countless musicians. In the 1960’s, Sam would hypnotize his drummer George every night before performing so he could keep up with Sam’s quick tempos. While living in Nashville in the early 60’s, Ironing Board Sam’s stage performance was inspiration to a young Jimi Hendrix. Taking a trip through New Orleans, where Ironing Board Sam spent 30 years, it is impossible to find a performer that hasn’t been imprinted by the wonder of Sam’s magical presence.
album: Ninth Wonder of the World of Music

Ironing Board Sam: Ninth Wonder of the World of Music $12.00

This record was originally recorded in Gary, I.N. in the early 1970s, and only 100 copies were ever produced. Now, for the first time, Ninth Wonder is available on CD.Sam says people should listen to “Ninth Wonder” to hear a unique style from a true original. In 2012 Sam was given the title "Comeback Artist of the Year" by Living Blues, and Ninth Wonder was the most anticipated album of the week of August 20th according to Everything heard on Ninth Wonder comes from Sam himself; the synth, piano, bass, and vocals, all except for the drums. The songs on this album were funded out of pocket by Sam himself. The music ranges from the fast paced re-imagining of Stevie Wonder’s “Boogie On Reggae Woman” to the soulful rendition of “Danny Boy.” Every track is unique from one to another, and the funky “Do the Ironing Board” definitely has people on their feet. Sam also created his own up-tempo rendition of “Bye Bye Blackbird;” his cheerful vocals are complimented by a psychedelic synth solo played out on one of his homemade devices.