Willie "Sonny Boy" King: Alabama Bluesman $12.00

"As for my advice to kids today, they are worried too much about what kind of guitar they have. I tell them, as long as it got the strings on it, play it. The guitar does not play itself. You got to play it. But the most important thing is you have to treat people right, to get treated right.” -Willie "Sonny Boy" King

In this album, Willie "Sonny Boy" King often performs pounding out sparse rhythms on his drum set as he sings and plays his harmonica and guitar.

Willie "Sonny Boy" King performs in the one-man blues band musical tradition. He was born July 14th, 1930 in Lyons County, Alabama. Willie began playing the guitar as a teenager and has earned his living as a musician his entire life. He performed at house parties, fish fries, clubs, wherever folks gathered to have a good time. Willie has spent time up in Detroit but most of his life has been spent in Alabama where he fathered and raised 33 children.

Track Listing
1 Love You Baby
2 Came Home This Morning
3 Boney Maroney
4 She's So Fine
5 40 Days
6 44 Blues
7 Oh Baby
8 You Want to Boogie
9 It Hurts Me Too
10 Take Out Some Insurance
11 Mean Ols Frisco

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