Dom Flemons: Dance Tunes, Ballads and Blues $12.00

Native Arizonan Dom Flemons is a true modern "Songster", engaging audiences from the green Carolinas to the ruddy Southwest with personalized interpretations of folk, blues, early jazz and rock, country, and original material." -Tim Duffy

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Dom Flemons has thoroughly immersed himself in the sounds of yesterday, with a prodigious record collection and an immense knowledge of the different playing styles of the blues, country and string band traditions evident in his first solo album, Dance Tunes, Ballads and Blues.

Track Listing
1 Stackolee
2 Viper Mad
3 Shake it & Brake It
4 Dom Blues
5 Police Sergeant Blues
6 Earl King
7 My Little Lady
8 Looks Like Another Lonely Moon
9 Take Me Back
10 Night Woman Blues
11 Fox Chase

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