James Davis: Georgia Drumbeat $12.00

"The people around here call in the old country drumbeat. They like that old country-style playing. A lot of them say they'd rather hear my playing than hear them piccolos. I don't know what the drum do to people but look like peoples just enjoys drums." -James Davis

James Davis was born in 1931, in Houston County, Georgia. His ancestors have been in this area since 1845 when white plantation owner William M. Davis bought 200 slaves from South Carolina and 200,000 acres of farmland around Perry, GA.

James grew up farming with his parents and, at the age of 14, he quit school and began to work in the sawmills. From then on out James started playing guitar. There have been musicians in the Davis family for generations; his sister is the great gospel singer, Essie Mae Brooks. After he learned the guitar, James would play with his father and his uncle. They called it the "Saturday Night Drumbeat".

Track Listing
1 Turning Point
2 Georgia Durmbeat
3 Fred, You ought to be dead!
4 Getting It
5 No Drawers
6 Go Ahead On
7 Turning Point
8 James Davis
9 Go Down Low
10 Harold
11 Bustin'
12 Go On and have Your Way
13 Drive it On

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