Bishop Dready Manning: Gospel Train $12.00

"Remarkably, Bishop Manning continues to play in the musical style that he first mastered in the early 1940s, a style most often associated with the southeastern blues, but one that is transformed in Bishop Manning's hands into a powerful vehicle for vernacular gospel." -NC Arts Council

Bishop Dready Manning has brought his full-voiced singing, his fluent guitar picking, and his exuberant harmonica playing to African American church audiences in Halifax and Northampton counties for 39 years. Over that period, he founded his own church; performed for countless prayer meetings and revivals; released a series of locally-produced 45-rpm discs, LP albums, and commercial cassettes; and built a large audience for his long-running Sunday morning radio show over Weldon's WSMY-AM. -NC Arts Council

Gospel Train is a collection of eighteen of the songs he's been playing in the church houses and meeting places of the Carolinas. The band that plays with him when they tour is his wife Marie and their five children, but for the album it's just his wife helping out on vocals, his son Zacchaeus on piano, and what looks to be his grandson, Marquis, on drums.

Judging by the quality and power of the music on Gospel Trains Bishop Dready Manning won't have any problem keeping his audience's attention. Getting them to stop cheering at the end of the sermon will be another problem all together.-Richard Marcus, Blogcritics

Track Listing
1 What Was I Doing, when the Saints of God Found me
2 Gospel Train
3 Hard Headed Children
4 Don't Let the Devil Ride
5 Go Ahead Satan and Leave Me Alone
6 When The Lord Gets Ready
7 Joy that I have
8 Glory, Glory
9 People Don't Pray
10 Search Me Lord
11 I am a Pilgrim
12 Where Could I go but to the Lord?
13 Sit Down Servant
14 Blind Barnibal
15 I Ain't Going to Let that Old Devil Ride
16 Hard Luck & Trouble
17 Say Amen
18 Something on the Inside

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