Mudcat: The Mess is On $12.00

"Mudcat's authentically-soulful and emotionally-charged vocals have an old time, down home blues and folk feel that is sure to get your feet stopping and your body moving." -CD Baby Reviews

"Deep swamp, rockin’ and rollin’, bad to the bone blues … Mudcat and his rompin’ troupe of Atlantans can knock ya down with their Georgia blend of rural blues, country tones, and Appalachian sounds. The mix is a contemporary one though, wielding tradition, innovation, and plain fun-making music. Mudcat also throws down some awesome electric action. … kicks up a clever batch of blues guaranteed to make you feel good." -Mark A. Cole, Big City Blues

Track Listing
1 Joe Testifies
2 The Mess is On
3 Chicken Pie
4 Drinkin' Woman
5 Hell Hath No Fury
6 Garden Mouse
7 My Feet Hurt
8 Nina's Song
9 Te Amo Loco
10 More Than One
11 Got to Get Together
12 Tamuratta
13 Field Day
14 I Will Be With You
15 When the Veil is Lifted
16 Chicken Reprise

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