George Higgs: Rainy Day $12.00

"George Higgs stands as one of the last great Piedmont blues guitarists and harmonica players." -Tim Duffy, MMRF Founder

"Culled from recording sessions in May 2004 at the Music Maker studio in Hillsborough, North Carolina, and Valentine’s Day 2006 at George Higgs’ home in Tarboro, North Carolina, Music Maker has released another wonderful collection of originals and standards from eastern North Carolina’s George Higgs. Music Maker chief Tim Duffy calls him 'one of the last great Piedmont blues guitarists and harmonica players' and, after listening to 'Rainy Day', you’d be hard pressed to dispute that statement.

Higgs’ first release with Music Maker, 'Tarboro Blues' (2001) was lauded by critics and fans alike. 'Rainy Day' is another generous helping of those down-to-earth country blues.

The choice of songs is part of 'Rainy Day’s' appeal. Two of the songs, 'I Remember' and 'My Friend', were written by Higgs’ wife, Betty. Higgs’ plaintive version of Blind Lemon Jefferson’s 'One Kind Favor' and easygoing rendition of Buddy Moss’ 'Stop Hanging Around' work with originals like 'I Can’t Live Happy' to give the album a laid-back and appealing sound. Good traditional blues artists like George Higgs are getting harder and harder to find - let alone record - which make albums like this one that much more important. 'Rainy Day' is easily one of the most essential albums to be released this year." -Mark Coltrain, Living Blues

Track Listing
1 Wholesale Dealin' Poppa
2 Stop Hanging Around
3 Rainy Day
4 She's gone but not forgotten
5 I Can't Live Hapy
6 I Remember
7 Coming Back
8 I Feel Superstitious
9 Easy Riding Buggy
10 Mean Old Lonesome Blues
11 My Friend
12 Highway 49
13 One Kind Favor
14 Flat Foot Suzie
15 You Don't Want Me Baby
16 Move On
17 Diddy Wa Diddy
19 Bogey Street

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