Larry Shores: Songs of T-Town $12.00

"Larry Shores' music is rooted in the Carolinas yet moves through his journey as a fruit tramp in the Northwest and beyond." -Tim Duffy, MMRF President

Larry Shores was born in 1948 in Elkin, Surry County, North Carolina, the sixth child and only boy to the teen bride of a man just back from World War II. Hard times saw young Larry a seasoned farmhand by the time he was on his own at 14. At 22, he headed west and made his career with the migrant orchard workers of California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Montana. Retired from labor, but still on the road, he is playing more music than ever in the grange halls and taverns of enduring America.

Track Listing
1 Wild Texas Wind
2 This Old World
3 Mujer Fantasma
4 Bonaparte's1/2 Rack Blues
5 Let's Make Love
6 D
7 Fried Liver Mush
8 You'll Never Get Over Me
9 Otto Wood
10 Blackberry Blossom
11 T-Town
12 Whiskey Drunk
13 Grandfather's Clock
14 Thinking Back

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