Sweet Betty: Live and Let Live $12.00

"When Sweet Betty sings there is an inevitable roar of pleasure from the crowd!" -Bob Margolin

"She's a talented and versatile vocalist; this strong outing should help her reach an expanded audience, both in the U.S. and worldwide." -David Whiteis, Living Blues

Sweet Betty was raised in Duluth, Georgia and took an early interest in music listening to her mother sing in church. Betty grew up singing gospel, blues and popular songs of the day. In the mid 1980's, she met saxophonist, Grady "Fats" Jackson. Jackson was so impressed with Betty's voice that he began featuring her on his shows throughout Georgia. Sweet Betty has since traveled thoughout the United States and Europe and is considered to be the finest blues singer in Atlanta.

Track Listing
1 P.A.R.T.Y.
2 Everybody Needs Love
4 Live and Let Live
5 Walk the Street
6 Touched By You
7 Damn Your Eyes
8 Old Fashioned Love
9 Pass It On Down
10 Ain't That Good News
11 Weary Land
12 Walk Around Heaven

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