Precious Bryant: My Name is Precious $12.00

"As a female practitioner of a rapidly fading folk style, Bryant has a unique musical voice, if only by virtue of survival."

When we met Precious many years ago, no one knew who she was except true Blues scholars. We were directed to her by our friend Axel Kustner who knew of her from the work she recorded in the late '60s and early '70s with folklorist George Mitchell.

In the years that have passed, Precious has become a true legend of Georgia Blues. She has traveled far and wide entertaining audiences around the world. As of late, she is content to stay home and perform locally. Music Maker has been there to lend a helping hand to Precious during times of need. We have sent thousands of postcards of the photo on this album over the years to folks around the world. We have always believed in Precious, as she is one of the last great Georgia Blues women we know. She is a very special person and a deeply committed friend.

In this CD we did not hold back. We went through hours of recordings and have presented 26 songs showcasing her unique voice and infectiously charming style. The recording quality is absolutely stellar, among the finest audiophile recording quality one will ever stumble across.

Track Listing
1 it's Alright
2 Hey Baby
3 Someday Baby
4 If you don't love me baby, would you fool me good?
5 Georgia Bcuk
6 Long Distance Call
7 Fever
8 One Black Rat
9 The Things I used To Do
10 Precious Staggerin' Blues
11 Baby, Please Come Home To Me
12 Wasn't I Scared?
13 Wrenched My Ankle
14 Swinging the See Saw
15 Do You Know I Love You?
16 Josephine
17 Saints Go Marching In
18 Sitting Tight
19 Ain't That Loving You Baby
20 Chauffer Blues
21 Flip, Flop & Fly
22 You Got Me Runnin'
23 Suzy Q
24 You Don't Want Me No More
25 Don't Jump My Pony
26 I Got a New Home Over in Zion

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