Mudcat: I'll Be Young Once Too $12.00

"Mudcat is a world-class slide guitarist who learned from some of the old timers." -Village Voice

Born on the banks of the Mississippi and raised in Georgia, Mudcat dropped out of acting school in New York to pursue a Blues major on the streets. Eventually he graduated to Atlanta where he converted the Northside Tavern into his school of music. His tutelage continues under Cootie Stark, Frank Edwards, Eddie Tigner and Cora Mae Bryant. A world class slide guitarist with a voice so rich it feels fattening, Mudcat's education is something you can feel right to your bones.

Track Listing
1 Heaven is mine
2 I'll be young once too
3 Death letter Blues
4 Liquor and Sin
5 Beauty and Pride
6 The Wind
7 Walk On
8 Better be Careful
9 Jackson
10 Furry
11 Whiskey
12 Georgia Rag
13 Laughin to Kepp from Crying
14 Mario's Song

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