Macavine Hayes: Drink House $12.00

"Macavine's music is so solid and original that we always enjoy recording him with other musicians. No one can resist falling into Mac's groove, making for a very unique album. We hope you love learning about and listening to one of Music Maker's greatest friends." -Tim Duffy, MMRF Founder

Macavine Hayes is the second blues artist in Winston-Salem, North Carolina that Guitar Gabriel introduced to me in March of 1991. Gabe told me about him and how they used to run a drink house together. We ran across Mac at a joint not far from Gabe's home. He had his guitar and the crowd was dancing and hollering. What an incredible scene, what an intense man. Looking into his eyes you just felt deep emotion. He was a true world citizen; he made you laugh and you were immediately his friend.

Macavine was just ending the working career he embarked on as a young teenager. His last job was pouring cement, a brutal hard job during the intense summers in the South. He reminded me of Lead Belly, a short stocky man with muscles draped around his chest and arms. He was so strong, physically and musically. When he got his guitar going he rocked so hard and strong, though his technique was primitive.

Macavine's music makes people smile, forget their troubles and dance. It is pure juke joint blues, made by a workingman for his hard working friends.

I started this album immediately after I met him, yet for many different reasons this project never was completed. Over the last few years many of Macavine's fans kept asking me about his record, and in the fall of '04 I started to put the songs together with the help of our good friend Brandon Miranda.

Track Listing
1 Goodbye Johnny B
2 Little Rain Fallin'
3 Snatch That Thing
4 I Got Jesus
5 Have You Ever Been Mistreated?
6 Where Jesus Is
7 Mercy on Poor Me
8 Miss Claudie
9 The Way You Do
10 Just a Little Bit
11 Matchbox Blues
12 Comeback Baby
13 God is Real

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