Neal Pattman: Prison Blues $12.00

"…Pattman's harmonica playing and vocals have that classic sound that can only come from someone who has been steeped in the blues all his life." -Jeff Harris, WITR

Neal Pattman plays a joyous, animated harmonica that recalls the "whoopin'" sound of Sonny Terry and an equal amount of country throw in for good measure. The CD opens with the driving "Whoopin' Momma Blues" a harmonica showcase that sounds like he's channeling the ghost of Sonny Terry and he literally makes that harp talk.

In addition to a number of originals, Pattman brings new life to "Catfish Blues" and "Five Long Years" helped out by Cootie Stark and Taj Mahal who plays piano on the latter song. Other guests include legendary sax man Lee Konitz who provides beautiful backing to the jazzy "Talkin' 'Bout You Baby" that give new meaning to the word cool. Other highlights include "Market Blues" which has a joyful, infectious groove and "Prison Blues" which is a classic prison song that sounds like it could have come from one of the Library of Congress field recordings.

In an age when the meaning and power of the blues seem to be drowned out by the latest guitar hero or marketing scheme, it's releases like these that can restore your faith in the blues. -Jeff Harris, WITR "Big Daddy" Pattman is a man of few words. So, when he drawls "66 years ago the blues knocked on my door and they wouldn't leave," you know he's telling the truth. With a single arm (the other lost in a wagon wheel at age nine) and an eccentric style his father taught him, Pattman works his harmonica into a frenzy. The astounding sounds that issue from his harp have a variety of rhythms and textures that channel the very spirit of the blues. On "Prison Blues," Pattman joins with fellow blues guitarist Cootie Stark for a stripped - down session of classic blues. The songs on the album move from the almost ghostly and heart-wrenching "Neal Pattman's Testimony" to the hip- shaking hilarity of "Bottle Up and Go." With crisp yet honest production values, "Prison Blues" reveals the painful beauty that lies at the heart of traditional Southern Blues. -Tulsa World

Track Listing
1 Momma Whopping Blues
2 Catfish Blues
3 Shortnin' Bread
4 Talkng About You Baby
5 Market Blues
6 Neal's Testimony
7 Prison Blues
8 Disco Twist
9 Going Back to Georgia
10 Five Long Years
11 Bottle Up & Go
12 Oklahoma City Blues
13 I want Jesus to walk with me

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