Etta Baker: Etta Baker with Taj Mahal $12.00

At the age of 91, artist Etta Baker reclaimed ownership of Railroad Bill and other influential songs on this CD (part of the Music Maker and Taj Mahal series). Popular recording artist Taj Mahal has always made homage to Mrs. Etta Baker by performing her music.

That chord in "Railroad Bill" is a very ancient root chord; it strikes straight through me, every time I hear it played. -Taj Mahal

Etta Baker of Morganton, NC, was born in 1913 and has played the guitar since the age of three. She was the premier female Piedmont blues guitar instrumentalist, played the guitar everyday and was constantly working on new arrangements. Etta maintained a beautiful yard and garden, and was matriarch of 108 members in her immediate family.

Taj Mahal has been a major recording artist since his debut album in 1967. For 35 years, he has been a tireless preacher of American roots music.

Track Listing
1 John Henry
2 Crow Jane
3 Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad
4 Madison Street Blues
5 Railroad Bill
6 Cripple Creek
7 Johnson Boys
8 Going to the Race Track
9 Lost John
10 Dew Drop
11 Poem
12 Comb Blues
13 One Dime Blues (P. Clayton recording)
14 Sourwood Mountain (P. Clayton recording)
15 Don't Let Your Deal Go Down (P. Clayton recording)
16 Railroad Bill (P. Clayton recording)
17 Johnson Boys(P. Clayton recording)
18 John Henry (P. Clayton recording)
19 Bully of the Town (P. Clayton recording)

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