Mr. Frank Edwards: Chicken Raid $12.00

"Mr. Frank was an incredible man who was a great friend to many musicians. When I first met him in 1995, he had not played professionally for many years. Through his association with Music Maker, his career blossomed in the last years of his life." -Tim Duffy

In mid-March 2002 Frank celebrated his 93rd birthday with a big bash at the Northside Tavern in Atlanta, GA. He then traveled to Hillsborough to finish these sessions in what were to be the last days of his life. That final day, Frank jabbed and gave me a good, friendly hard time about my performance as a producer. I thought his music to be grand as he played with a sense of freedom and self-assurance that one rarely witnesses.

Mr. Frank was a stylist, a man with his own musical convictions and sensibilities that he remained steadfast with his entire career.

Track Listing
1 Chicken Raid
2 When the Saints Go Marching In
3 Evil Woman
4 Gone with Another Man
5 Done Got Drunk
6 She’s Mine
7 My Baby Quit Me
8 My Baby Gone
9 I Know He Shed
10 Sweet Man Blues
11 Three Women Blues
12 Terraplane Blues
13 We Got to Get Together

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