Clyde Langford: High Steppin' Momma $12.00

"His voice is rough and nasal. The accompanying notes from the old guitar are twangy, metallic, wild. So blue." -Bryan Woolley, the Dallas Morning News

Clyde Langford of Centerville, Texas learned guitar from Joel “Thunder” Hopkins as a young boy. He grew up in the cotton fields and as a young man he joined the Army. Returning from service he began a career of digging wells by hand.

Clyde never stopped playing his music. In this field recording, his old Gibson guitar rattles, hums and grinds as his hypnotic serenade carries you way back into deep Texas blues.

Track Listing
1 High Steppin' Momma
2 Tore Up
3 Poison Ivy
4 Crazy About You Baby
5 Tell Your Momma
6 It's Your Time Baby
7 Just A Little Bit
8 Little red Rooster
9 Good Golly
10 Long Leany Momma
11 Road Runner
12 How Long?
13 Good Rockin' Tonight
14 Things I Used To Do

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