Beverly "Guitar" Watkins: The Feelings of Beverly Watkins $12.00

"Coming off the success of her first release for Music Maker, 'Back in Business,' Beverly 'Guitar' Watkins is back again with a new album in her full flamboyant flavor." -Mark Coltrain

Lemme tell you, she's still in business alright and if you listen to her new album, she'll make the blues your business.

"The Feelings of Beverly 'Guitar' Watkins" is a ticker-tape parade showcasing this lady's talents far and wide through dirty guitar playing that Cool John Ferguson better watch for, singing and shouting that would make a preacher sweat, and songwriting whose poetic sophistication cannot be overstated. This lady'll put the triple whammy on you.

Her haunting poeticism and guitar playing is nowhere more apparent than in the sobering response to what's been happening in the Middle East, "Baghdad Blues," yes, the same popular song featured on Sisters of the South.

The inclusion of a synthesizer and saxophone on many of the other tracks certainly gives this album more layers than your typical blues jam. They give it a funkier feel, pleading with you to "Get Out on the Floor." Then there are the classy and sassy soulful slow jams like, "As I Was Walking" and "Just Make Believe." "Melody Midnight Cruise" is reminiscent of the post-Clyde McPhatter Drifters. "Right Don't Wrong Nobody," "Late Bus Blues," and "D Harp Blues" all reinforce the loving blues notion flowing freely from Ms. Watkins. "Sugar Baby Swing" gives a wink to that swinging cousin of the blues.

However, I must admit, my favorite song on the album is the final track, "Jesus Walked the Water." This infectious bluesy gospel shuffle shines a little light into even the darkest corner and can be described as nothing less than a musical smile. It is one conveyed in a carefree faith that leads the leaping listener through this eclectic album, ending it on the perfect high note. -Mark Coltrain

Track Listing
1 As I Was Walking
2 Baghdad Blues
3 Right Don’t Wrong Nobody
4 Just Make Believe
5 Get Out On The Floor
6 Sugar Baby Swing
7 Late Bus Blues
8 D Harp Blues
9 Melody Midnight Cruise
10 Jesus Walked The Water

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