Mudcat: Kickin' Chicken $12.00

"This release by Mudcat and his clan is an all out uniquely original romp." -Mark Coltrain

I can appreciate the band's infectious enthusiasm as this is their fourth album and their popularity as one of the best-kept Southern secrets has far from waned on the club scene below the Mason Dixon line the past several years.

Mudcat's smoothly eclectic sound brings to mind Doug Sahm meets Commander Cody meets Jimbo Mathus. They are far from pretentious or stereotypical when it comes to handling such traditions as the Blues though not over looking the plethora of other styles present in their musical stew: rhythm and blues, blues, jazz, folk, country, rockabilly, blue-eyed soul, gospel...see what I mean?

"Kickin' Chicken" is dizzying in its expanse, breakneck speed, and almost all original not to mention clever songs- my favorites being "Fernando," and & "Chicken Man." And, with the impressive list of names backing up Mr. Mudcat coupled with the obviously high production quality, someone on top of their craft apparently wanted to create a piece of art that goes unmatched on today's music scene.

This album succeeds without argument or complaint. I encourage anyone with any sort of musical sensibility or anyone who just wants to have fun to pick up this amazing piece of work by an artist consistent in what he does best and staying true to what he loves. -Mark Coltrain

Track Listing
1 Kickin’ Chicken
2 Ain’t Gonna Drink
3 I Want to Love You
4 Hush Hush
5 In Love with You
6 X-Mass Song
7 Georgia Grind
8 Truth=PI
9 Fernando
10 Chicken Man
11 Country in the End
12 Reefer Man
13 Tears of Mercy
14 Santa Maria
15 San Marco
16 This World is Not our Home

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