Lee Gates: Lee Gates and the Alabama Cotton Kings $12.00

"This first release by Milwaukee bluesman Lee Gates leaves me panting and craving more. His relentless guitar attack has a distinct and unforgettable voice that begs the question, why in the world hasn't this magician been recorded before?" -Mark Coltrain

Lee's self-titled album recorded (in only three hours) at Mill Kids Studio in Huntsville, Alabama flows through and through with no outlandish attempts at surprise or fancy put-on frills. Its charm lies in its reliability and genuine house-rocking sound.

Backing up Mr. Gates are 'Nawlins' Bob Walters on bass and rhythm guitar, Lance Almon Smith on rhythm guitar and bass, Ardie Dean on drums, and of course Lee's guitar, Lucy.

Mr. Gates and his unstoppable three soldiers in the army of the blues deliver on a combination of groove-infected raucous instrumentals like, "Sweet Lucy's Groove", "Lee's Boogie","Lucy's Voodoo", and my personal favorite: the slow deep down swaggering shake your head, "Lucy's Cryin".

The rest of the songs are complimented not only by the dazzling guitar-work of Mr. Gates, but by his frankly earnest voice that interacts with Lucy's pleas to get up offa your thang and shake it till you break it. This divine interaction detonates a blazing chain-reaction in songs like, "I'm Going Back Home", "You Gotta Love Me Baby", and "I Got a Honky Tonk Woman", that give birth to the true life of any party.

I got a lingering feeling that this isn't the last we've heard of Lee Gates; my only question concerns his return to the studio: When?

I hope it to be sooner rather than later. -Mark Coltrain

Track Listing
1 Sweet Lucy's Groove
2 You Gotta Love Me Baby
3 I Got a Honky Tonk Woman
4 Down to the Ghetto
5 Lucy's Voodoo
6 When Baby Got the BLues
7 I'm Going Back Home
8 Lee's Boogie
9 Lucy Cryin'

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