Cora Mae Bryant: Born in Newton County $12.00

"Cora Mae was an exceptional Blues singer, guitar player and performer. At the age of 77, she was pleased to release this album that highlights her in-depth knowledge of the Blues." -Tim Duffy, MMRF President

The late Cora Mae Bryant made her home in Oxford, Georgia and is the daughter of the great Bluesman Curley Weaver known in his day as "the Georgia Guitar Wizard." Born in 1926, Bryant not only carried on her father’s memory but was also a torchbearer for the Georgia blues tradition. At the time of her birth, Georgia, and particularly Atlanta, were teaming with great Bluesmen like Blind Willie McTell, Barbecue Bob, Buddy Moss and many others. Bryant met many of of those great players and obviously learned her lessons well.

The Foundation was able to help Cora Mae for several years with her Glaucoma medicine every month. We were able to convince her to fly one time, which resulted in her performance at the Chicago Blues Festival. Before she passed, Cora Mae was performing around Atlanta and was extremely proud to issue this CD.

Track Listing
1 Born in Newton County
2 Liquor Still
3 Empty Room Blues
4 Cold Rainy Day
5 You Was Gone
6 Key to the Highway
7 Motherless Child
8 East St. Louis Blues
9 Layaway
10 You'll need somebody on your bond
11 Cross the River of Jordan
12 Call on Jesus' Name
13 Live So God Can Use You

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