Cootie Stark: Raw Sugar $12.00

"Raw Sugar provides 71 minutes of old-time blues enhanced by a warm, clear sound quality. Raw Sugar solidifies Stark's undeniable musical legacy since he remains one of the final American bluesman continuing to make music for the last six decades." -James Calemine

A blind street singer, he learned his stuff from Greenville, South Carolina, bluesmen Uncle Chump and Pink Anderson in the 1930’s. At 70, he rediscovered his unplugged genius and has headlined at festivals throughout the U.S. and Europe. His card catalog repertoire runs from soul classics to Piedmont blues songs like “Sandyland” and “Metal Bottoms.”

Cootie Stark was one of the last authentic Piedmont blues guitarists/singers and provided a direct link to a South long gone.

Track Listing
1 High Yellow
2 Keep on Walkin'
3 I'm So Lonley
4 Big Leg Women
5 Alberta
6 Shuckin' Corn
7 U-Haul
8 Sarah
9 Blues Around My Bed
10 Lay It On You
11 So Sweet
12 Set a Date
13 Cootie's testamony

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