Dave McGrew: Fruit Tramp Ballads of the Great Northwest $12.00

"Dave McGrew stands in the circle of his acquaintance and entertains, in unity and connection. I have seen him do it in firelight by the ditches in the orchards." -Dan Duffy

"Fruit Tramp Ballads of the Great Northwest" preserves a testimony to those hardworking folks who may never experience the "American Dream". These stark compositions paint stories of a hard-ass life of fruit picking, poverty, and traveling told by a cobalt blue poet. "Tramp Ballads" sounds like a modern day musical chapter from "The Grapes of Wrath." McGrew sings from the salt of the earth. - James Calemine

Track Listing
1 Gambler's Prayer
2 Somewhere Out of Here
3 Just Another rainbow
4 When It's Blue
5 My Holiness (is Holey Inside)
6 Half the Blame
7 Sweet Valentine
8 What Does It Mean?
9 Happens to Be
10 Orchard of Diamonds
11 Holes in this Life
12 Hired Hand
13 Midnight on the Aw Ha

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