Guitar Gabriel: Toot Blues $12.00

"One thing that serious blues collectors absolutely love is obscurity; they love to find a recording by an obscure, little-known bluesman and tell other blues collectors about it. There is nothing wrong with looking for recordings by obscure bluesmen as long as they are good, solid recordings, and "Toot Blues" is a good, solid recording." "Guitar Gabriel: Toot Blues, originally issued as a cassette in 1991, stands as Music Maker's first official recording. This nine-song collection reveals Guitar Gabe rendering songs such as "Do You Know What It Means To Have A Friend" and "Amazing Grace", as a holy musical messenger." -James Calemine

Track Listing
1 Do You Know What it means to have a Friend?
2 Came Home in the Morning
3 Just a Little Bit
4 Landlord Blues
5 Jesus Keep me Near the Cross
6 Amazing Grace
7 Carless Love
8 Done Got Tired
9 She Been Gone Too Long
10 I Got a Right to Cry Sometimes

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