Sam Frazier, Jr.: Take Me Back $12.00

Sam Frazier, Jr. - Take Me Back

Originally recorded at Sound of Birmingham studio by Neal Hemphill on equipment transplanted from Jimi Hendrix’s storied Electric Ladyland Studio, many of the recordings were never released and as the studio changed hands the tapes were thought to be lost. Now, for the first time they are available to the public. The 16 tracks recorded over 3 years from 1969-1971 feature Sam Frazier Jr.’s signature vocals and harmonica playing over lush studio arrangements incorporating orchestral arrangements, horns and choir vocals.

Music Maker’s longtime record producer Ardie Dean searched for months for the fabled recordings until coming across them in the collection of Chicago based record store proprietor John Ciba.

Track Listing
1 Take Me Back
2 Black and White Love
3 Drippin' Honey
4 No Account Man
5 I Got To Tell Somebody
6 Don't Spread Your Love Around
7 I'll Take Care Of You
8 Set Me Free
9 Low Down and Loneliness
10 Why Do People Play With Feelings
11 It's Phony But It's Real
12 I Been Hurt
13 Mama Said She Ain't Here
14 Love, Fish and Bread

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