Dom Flemons: Prospect Hill $12.00

Dom Flemons - Prospect Hill

Where the Chocolate Drops focused on one style of music, Flemons takes a broader approach on Prospect Hill, an album that encompasses folk tunes, ragtime, early jazz and rock and roll and fife-and-drum music...

... Flemons' songs may draw heavily from old styles, but Prospect Hill is never locked in the past. "I've worked a lot of years, trying to balance that," he says. "I tried to make sure when I presented songs, I made them as good as the old songs I might try to interpret."

Prospect Hill is a well-traveled album, with songs set in locales ranging from Arizona to Georgia, from San Francisco to Nashville. "These are all places that meant something to me," says Flemons, who lives near Chapel Hill, N.C.

- USA Today

Track Listing
1 Til' the Seas Run Dry
2 Polly Put the Kettle On
3 But They Got it Fixed Right On
4 Have I Stayed Away Too Long?
5 Georgia Drumbeat
6 I Can't Do It Anymore
7 Sonoran Church Two-Step
8 Too Long (I've Been Gone)
9 Marching Up to Prospect Hill
10 It's A Good Thing
11 Grotto Beat
12 Hot Chicken
13 San Francisco Baby
14 My Money Never Runs Out

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