Big Boy Henry: Beaufort Blues

**Available on iTunes Only**

"Big Boy Henry's vocal style was considered as powerful as ever in his senior years as he created his own inventive version of blues standards and wrote his own songs as well, often touching on current events." -All Music Guide

"At 81, Big Boy is the patriarch of the Carolina Blues. He is a saintly man, with tremendous compassion and patience for humanity. Big Boy weaves timeless parables into this beautiful collection of songs. In 'Old Bill' he points out the helplessness we all feel witnessing senseless sacrifice. In 'John Henry' he rewrites an age old classic revealing this legend's intimate character. And in "Vellevina" he lets us know what true love is all about.

Big Boy passes the torch in this album to his son Luther who makes his debut singing an original song, giving us a glimpse of how Big Boy might have sounded in his prime.

This CD celebrates Big Boy Henry's artistry and his contribution to the Carolina Blues lexicon." -Triangle Slim & Tim Duffy, MMRF Founder

Track Listing
1 John Henry
2 Old Bill
3 Gulf of Mexico
4 Moan & Cry
5 Climbin' on Top of the Hill
6 Tell Me What to Do
7 Nina Mae
8 Turn the Key
9 Beautiful City
10 Walkin' Night & Day
11 Vellevina
12 Cedar Street Woman
13 Mr. Ball's Warehouse

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