Sol: Volume:Blue $12.00

"While many young, white musicians attempt to replicate the blues masters' art, Sol steers clear of imitation in favor of excavation and transport. Sounds carry beyond genre, beyond origin and often beyond the grave. Ancient truths of the blues arrive in some new place, through some new voice, through some kid who is Sol." -Peter Cooper

"Who is Sol? Some kid, I guess. Then again, anybody would look like a kid if they were pictured sitting at a little table, next to a beer-drinking, truth-telling Cootie Stark and a sunglass-wearing, cool-staring guitar slinger like John Ferguson. That's the only glimpse we get of Sol, and we don't get that one until we pop open the Volume: Blue CD and remove the disc from its jewel box. Then you see a shot of sol with Ferguson, Cootie and a Heineken, and that's probably worth the price of purchase right there.

Once the disc is out of its casing, it might as well go into your CD player. Then sol reveals himself through grooves and samples and even some guitar and bass playing. He's some kid with good ears; some loopy kid with uncommon understanding; some oddly driven kid who has learned lessons that would seem beyond his years.

For Cootie, Guitar Gabriel, Cool John Ferguson, Neal Pattman, Essie Mae Brooks, Frank Edwards and others, Sol is a microphone and a conduit. Sol channels blues, altering soundscapes without altering intent. Captain Luke might say a Sol construction is "not my type of song" and Captain Luke (as usual) would be right. But Luke's messages aren't lost in Sol's funky, postmodern shuffle." -Peter Cooper, Nashville, TN.

Track Listing Artist
1 Intro Sol
2 Robert "Wolfman" Belfour-Black Mattie Sol
3 Cool John-Tribute to Gabe Sol
4 Not My Type of Song Sol
5 Neal Pattman-Prison Blues Sol
6 Gotta Have Rain Sol
7 Cootie-Cootie's Testimony Sol
8 Right Here Sol
9 How Sweet that Would Sound Sol
10 Cool John-Tribute to Gabe(Part 1) Sol
11 Let's Do It Like They Did It Sol
12 Off the Blues Sol
13 Mister Frank Sol

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