Pink Anderson: Carolina Bluesman $12.00

"This album is both subtle and mighty. It's beautiful and funny and heartbreaking and chilly. ...a testament to Little Pink's own individual gifts." -Peter Cooper

Little Pink Anderson is of course the son of the legendary Pink Anderson, a fine Piedmont finger picker who played a good-natured mix of folk and blues. Little Pink learned firsthand from his father who used take Pink with him when he played the medicine shows selling snake oil. The 1962 photograph on the CD cover tells all you need to know about Little Pink’s influences portraying a nine-year-old sitting with his father as they both hold guitars.

Besides a self released cassette, I believe this is Little Pink’s official debut. Carolina Bluesman showcases a masterful country blues player displaying some exceptional guitar chops and a soulful, aggressive vocal approach. Little Pink plays all acoustic on this set accompanied by Cool John Ferguson on guitar.

The songs are drawn almost exclusively from his dad’s repertoire which includes mainly traditional folk and blues tunes but played with so much good-natured charisma and passion that he makes these songs totally his own. Little Pink evokes the relaxed charm of his father tackling songs he obviously played with the old man including the driving “South Forest Boogie”, “Betty And Dupree” that’s saved from being just average with a sublimely soulful guitar solo halfway through, the vaudeville styled “He’s In The Jailhouse Now”, “I Got Mine” featuring some jaw dropping finger picking and first rate versions of standards like “Every Day Of The Week”, “Travelin’ Man” and “Greasy Greens.”

While the shadow of his father looms large Little Pink is certainly his own man as he succinctly states in the lead off track: “If anyone should happen to ask you who sang this song, tell them Little Pink Anderson been here and gone.” -Jeff Harris, Bad Dog Blues

Track Listing
1 South Forest Boogie
2 Betty & Durpree
3 He's In the Jailhouse Now
4 See that My Grave is Kept
5 I Got Mine
6 St
7 Bo Weavil
8 Mutton Stew
9 Every Day of the Week
10 Cook Good Salad
11 Travelin' Man
12 Greasy Greans

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