Preston Fulp: Sawmill Worker $12.00

"These beautiful recordings of Preston capture his haunting falsetto voice and intricate East Coast guitar style." -Tim Duffy

Winston-Salem, North Carolina is often considered a pre-war center for the blues music that was performed at the tobacco warehouses. Today this area is still home to a diverse assortment of blues and blues-related musicians. I asked Guitar Gabriel about older musicians whom he know and he mentioned Preston Fulp. We found Preston the next day outside his garage. He was happy to see his old friend Gabe and we talked and made music.

Preston Fulp, born in 1915, was a sawmill worker, a tobacco sharecropper, moonshiner and blues and old-time guitarist.He made these recording at the age of 78 and died a few months later in October 1993. Preston weaves stories of his life through both secular and sacred songs. He was the last original Piedmont bluesman from turn-of-the-century Winston-Salem.

Track Listing
1 Careless Love
2 Farther Along
3 Chicken Stews
4 Wedding Bells
5 Banks of the Ohio
6 Glory to his Name
7 The Church
8 I Shall Not Be Moved
9 I'm a Sawmill Worker
10 In the Pines
11 Renfro Valley
12 Moonshine Story
13 Cindy
14 Dreaming About the Guitar
15 You're Going to be Sorry
16 Little Darling
17 Sharecropping Life
18 Going Down the Road Feeling Bad
19 Music From the Heart

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