Cora Mae Bryant: Born With The Blues $12.00

"Born With The Blues is a stunning record featuring exceptional guitar playing that owes a strong debt to her father but also to his frequent partner Blind Willie McTell."-Jeff Harris, Bad Dog Blues

The late Cora Mae Bryant made her home in Oxford, Georgia and is the daughter of the great Bluesman Curley Weaver known in his day as "the Georgia Guitar Wizard." Born in 1926, Bryant not only carried on her father’s memory but was also a torchbearer for the Georgia blues tradition. At the time of her birth, Georgia, and particularly Atlanta, were teaming with great Bluesmen like Blind Willie McTell, Barbecue Bob, Buddy Moss and many others. Bryant met many of of those great players and obviously learned her lessons well.

Eight of the record’s eleven cuts are credited to Weaver including a tour-de-force version of the chugging “No-No Blues”, the moving “Cold & Rainy Day” and “Oh Lordy Mama.” “Warm It Up To Me” and “Ticket Agent Blues” are also fine covers and were actually issued under McTell’s name with second guitar by Weaver.

Bryant’s originals are equally effective particularly the autobiographical “McTell, Moss and Weaver” and the driving, percussive “1999” complete with hand clapping. If any of those legendary Georgia bluesman are close to your heart you would certainly do well to pick this one up.

Track Listing
1 No-No Blues
2 1999
3 Cold & Rainy Day
4 Blues is My Best Friend
5 McTell, Moss & Weaver
6 I Saw that Man
7 It was Weaver
8 Ticket Agent
9 Keep on Drinking
10 Warm it up to Me
11 Oh Lordy Mamma

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