Carl Rutherford: Turn off the Fear $12.00

"One time I was listening to me, and I almost heard a preacher, you know? I almost heard a preacher singing" -Carl Rutherford

Here is grandfatherly Carl Rutherford's devastating take on "The Old Rugged Cross" and other jewels that showcase his unique blend of Buck Owens-style twang, old time goospel number and harrowing mining songs, making him a true American original. -CD Baby Reviews

Track Listing
1 Shasta Daylight
2 Flyin' High, Walkin' Tall
3 Turn Off The Fear
4 In the Pines
5 Waterin' Hole Blues
6 Last Handloader
7 Old Rugged Cross
8 Back Home to West VA
9 Long Black Limosine
10 Love Can't Fly on Broken Wings
11 Lille Annie
12 Takin' the Tops off my Pretty Mtns

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