Various: Music Maker Listener's Circle $30.00

Get Exclusive Hand-Numbered Compilations Every Other Month!

Members of the Listener's Circle receive a limited edition compilation album every other month, designed exclusively for Circle members. Circle compilations feature unreleased tracks, previews of upcoming albums, and interesting musical material from the Music Maker stacks. These compilations are not available for sale, and once they are sent out to members, they go away forever. Each album comes hand-numbered, so you know just how many were made, along with a note from Tim.

By donating $30 monthly, you not only join this exclusive society of Roots music devotees, you ensure Music Maker can continue the work we do to sustain and preserve Our Southern Roots.

Please note - the Listener's Circle is available for a $30 per month donation. We regret that we cannot accept PayPal for monthly donations at this time. Please contact with any questions!

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