Giddens Sisters: I Know I've Been Changed $12.00

Carolina Chocolate Drops' founding member Rhiannon Giddens partners with her sister Lalenja Harrington to bring us this unique, beautiful recording of acapella gospel duets, old-time music and Lalenja's spoken word poetry.

"This unique album celebrates North Carolina gospel, spoken word, and the brilliant traditional banjo playing of Rhiannon Giddens. Absolutely stunning." - Tim Duffy, Founder, Music Maker Relief Foundation

Track Listing
1 I Know I've Been Changed
2 Do You Remember Me
3 That I Should Know Your Face
4 When Billie Sings
5 I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again
6 Pretty Bird / Sethe's Song
7 Glory, Glory
8 Going To Write Me A Letter
9 Mamma
10 One More Day
11 Andi's Song
12 Michelin Man
13 Another Man Done Gone
14 Soldier of the Lord
15 Cripple Creek

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