George Conner: Brother's Tone $12.00

“Birmingham” George Washington Conner moved from Pickens County, Alabama to Chicago and stayed there close to 30 years where he had his own blues club “The Place.” In the 80s he moved to Memphis for 5 years before moving back to Alabama where he opened another blues club. Unfortunately a few people got killed in it and the joint had to close down. George can be heard every year at the Freedom Creek Festival, in Pickens County, Alabama.

- Timothy Duffy, founder MMRF

Track Listing
1 Woman I'm Leaving You
2 Treat Me Like I Treat You
3 I'm Gone But I Don't Know Where I'm Going
4 Brother's Tone
5 I'm Ready
6 All Night Long
7 I'm Going Home
8 Woman Hear My Please

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