Robert Lee Coleman: One More Mile $12.00

Coleman’s true calling is driving blues and this album is drenched with it. His phrasing reflects his worldliness and singularity and his attitude is funky irreverence.

Robert Lee Coleman was born May 15, 1945 in Macon GA and grew up in & around Macon during a time when the Middle GA area was a hotbed of Blues, R&B, and early Rock ’n Roll. In the late 60’s he was R&B legend Percy Sledges’ sideman and in the early 70’s played guitar with Funk and Soul legend James Brown.

Track Listing
1 Somebody Loves Me (I Just Don't Know It Is)
2 Shoe Is On The Other Foot
3 My Life Story
4 Four Wimmens In My Life
5 Mama Told Me "Don't Play Them Blues No More"
6 Raisin' Cain
7 Set You Free
8 Kinfolk
9 Country Woman
10 Cookie Jar

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