Shelton Powe: Carolina Blues and Gospel $12.00

The 14 tracks on Shelton’s first release are all traditional Country Blues and Gospel but they are delivered with a freshness and sincerity that will make you feel as if you are hearing them for the first time. -- Aaron Greenhood

Shelton Powe was raised in a family of Gospel singers and players. His earliest memories place him on the tent revival circuit surrounded by his music-making parents, aunts, and uncles. As a young man he immersed himself in the Blues scene of Atlanta, learning at the feet of Blues legends Cora Mae Bryant, Neal Pattman, Cootie Stark, and Frank Edwards. Shelton is a collector and over the years has amassed a wealth of lyrics and melodies that none can touch; at the same time, his style and delivery are all his own. He conveys nuance and intricacy recalling Curley Weaver combined with a spirit of spontaneity that forms an intimacy with the listener.

Track Listing
1 Stranger Blues
2 Send me
3 Vastapol
4 Diving Duck Blues
5 This Train
6 One Monkey Don't Stop the Show
7 When You See My Savior
8 Down On Me
9 Buckdancer's Choice
10 John Henry
11 Gypsy Woman
12 When I Lay My Burden Down
13 This Little Light of Mine

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