George Daniels: George Daniels Rocks Out $12.00

Inspired by nearly 60 years of singing and playing deep blues, George Daniels Rocks Out reflects the Southern traditions of blues music as well as George Daniels' unique sound.

Daniels was born April 27, 1929 in Macon County, AL, where he grew up playing the blues. While making a living as a cowboy in the most rural county in Alabama, Daniels also fostered a talent in singing and strumming the blues. His album is a reflection of his Alabama roots and of the traditions and old ways in which he was raised. "This recording was done late at night, while drinking his home made rye whiskey," says Tim. "It is a rollicking time in the deep Alabama countryside."

Track Listing
1 George Daniels Admits He is Drunk
2 George Rocks Out
3 George Rocks Out Some More

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