Captain Luke & Cool John Ferguson: Outsider Lounge Music $12.00

"Beautiful. Captain Luke and Cool John Ferguson along with Tim Duffy's help, have crafted one of the most pleasant albums to grace my ears in quite some time." Mark Coltrain

Captain Luke's soothing natural born baritone and Cool John's lightly understated flowing guitar picking blend giving birth to a sweet sound that would "kick the hell out a shotgun",creating a sparkling amalgam of jazzy soulful blues, soulful bluesy jazz, and jazzy bluesy soul, or "outsider lounge music", as the Captain and Cool John call it. Perfect description.

The Captain's version of "Rainy Night in Georgia" makes Brook Benton sound like an amateur. "Hotel Happiness" is the instant cure for any sort of frown-faced blues while "Poke Salad Annie" would make your head bob and your toes tap with its droll imagery.

On Outsider Lounge Music, Cool John's sound is Wes Montgomery with Piedmont blues and Captain Luke's voice makes me think of Lou Rawls taking a walking tour of the Piedmont.

The result is a cohesive album full of wit, pathos, and Southern-fried "ool ya koo" style. Serves as nice music to compliment a country blues cocktail party. -Mark Coltrain

Track Listing
1 Chokin' Kind
2 Still Water
3 Poke Salad Annie
4 I Got What I Wanted
5 Waiter
6 Hotel Happiness
7 Rainy Night In Georgia
8 Old Black Buck
9 It's Just A Matter of Time
10 Put On Your Red Dress
11 Careless Love

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