Guitar Gabriel: Volume 1 $12.00

"Gabriel’s repertoire includes an eclectic mixture of Piedmont, Chicago, Texas, and gospel numbers—all done, however, in his own gritty, Piedmont-rooted style that he refers to as 'toot blues'." -David Nelson

In this album the Great Guitar Gabriel "ventures well beyond drink houses into his own private Birdland, an improvisational crossroads where the starkly pre-modern meets the startlingly postmodern.

Track Listing
1 Here Comes the Devil
2 Blues for Dorothy
3 Old Man Rivers
4 You Gotta Watch Yourslef
5 Old Fashioned Love
6 Leave My Goat Alone
7 Let's Talk it Over
8 Dr
9 Let it Roll
10 Here Comes Grandma
11 Hospital Blues
12 Back in the Western Days
13 Two Brothers

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