Guitar Lightnin' Lee: N.O.L.A. Rhythm and Booze $12.00

Guitar Lightnin' Lee has played at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and at the Ponderosa Stomp and his debut album N.O.L.A.: RHYTHUM and BOOZE kicks off with a wonderfully, insanely distorted guitar. Guitar Lightnin' Lee plays the kind of sweaty, loud, wild blues that will appeal to fans of the blues Fat Possum used to put out, or the kind of garage rock put out by Norton or Goner Records. Lightnin' Lee is also a Big Easy Music Award nominee. -- Nick Loss Eaton

Track Listing
1 Amsterdam
2 She Means Trouble
3 Missing Mama
4 Miss Ala Bound
5 Mean Little Woman
6 Write a letter
7 If You Don't Love Me
8 I Love LA
9 It's a Sin

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