Ironing Board Sam: Going Up $12.00

Music Maker is happy to present our first release from artist Ironing Board Sam. Going Up is a product of more than 55 years of blues experience; the 13-track album features Sam's return to his early solo piano and vocal roots.

Ironing Board Sam is a charismatic singer, songwriter and piano player and a true original in blues music. Sam earned his nickname in the late 1950s after inventing his "button board," a homemade and portable keyboard mounted on an ironing board. After showcasing his button board in Memphis, Sam was dubbed Ironing Board Sam for his unique invention.

Track Listing
1 Life is Like a SeeSaw
2 (Come On) Let's Boogie
3 Why I Sing the Blues
4 Somewhere Over the Rainbow
5 Don't Worry About Me
6 Cherry Pie
7 Skinny Woman
8 Self Rising Flour
9 Orleans Party
10 Come to the Mardi Gras
11 Heaven, Please Send Me
12 Tallahassee Bridge (Ode to Billy Joe)
13 In the Mood for Love

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