Whistlin’ Britches: Clickin' King of Hip Poppin' $12.00

This special release by Whistlin' Britches is a recording described as "unique and raucous, Whistlin' Britches is a true voice of the blues, a man who “exudes utter joy when he sings,” according to MMRF founder, Tim Duffy. (Adult Content)

Track Listing
1 The Gospel of Music Maker
2 Why'd You Do That?
3 Whistlin' Clickin' Britches
4 You Don't Know Who I Am
5 Mac's Boogie
6 Signifyin'
7 Clickin' with Cool
8 Mr. Lion
9 Wha'd Mac Say
10 Mr. Shark
11 Whistlin' Poppin' Britches
12 Poppin' with Cool
13 100 Woman Against the Wall
14 The Way You Do
15 Clickin' Haskell
16 Can You Help Yourself Baby
17 Cool's Click
18 Mr. Britches Meets Tim
19 Macavine Soul
20 Love & Respect

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