Music Maker Revue: Live in Europe! $15.00

These "Lost and Last Blues Survivors" show no sign of wanting to retire!

A spectacular selection of blues veterans at their exhilarating best at various venues across the 'Old Continent'. Dr. Burt, Eddie Tigner, Alabama Slim, Pat "Mother Blues" Cohen and Albert White, joined by Pura Fe' for the occasion, perform their own brand of Southern blues, getting warm responses from rapt audiences everywhere.

Track Listing Artist
1 Intro Various
2 Borders Pura Fe
3 Summertime Pura Fe
4 What Can an Old Man do, but Sing the Blues? Dr. G.W. Burt
5 Let the Good Times Roll Eddie Tigner
6 Route 66 Eddie Tigner
7 Going Down Slow Eddie Tigner
8 Old Folks Boogie Alabama Slim
9 Blue & Lonesome Alabama Slim
10 Trouble No More Alabama Slim
11 Stranded Albert White
12 You can have my Husband, But don't Mess with my Man Pat Cohen
13 At last Pat Cohen
14 Wang, Dang Doodle Pat Cohen
15 Applauses Pat Cohen
16 The Blues is Alright Various

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