Beverly "Guitar" Watkins: Don't Mess w/ Miss Watkins

"People are surprise when a black woman can play the guitar like a man. Some people say 'I've got to hear this, cause I don't believe she can do it.' I say 'Just wait until showtime comes.' Then when I go on and come off, they say, excuse the expression, 'Damn, I ain't never seen nothin' like you.'" -Beverly "Guitar" Watkins Released in 2007 from Dixiefrog Records, this album highlights Beverly's skills as a railroad smokin' Blues mama.

Track Listing
1 Too Many Times
2 Miz Dr Feelgood
3 Impeach Me Baby
4 Red Mama Blues
5 The Right String But the Wrong YoYo
6 Right Don't Wrong Nobody
7 Get Out On the Floor
8 Late Bus Blues
9 Back In Business
10 Sugar Baby Swing
11 Bagdad Blues
12 Jesus Walked on the Water

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