Jerry McCain: This Stuff Just Kills Me $12.00

"Jerry McCain's been on the scene since the '50's but he's far from a household name. McCain's recorded sporadically of late, which is a shame since he's not only one of the blues wittiest song writers but also one hell of a harp blower. 'This Stuff Just Kills Me' can do nothing but enhance his reputation." -Jeff Harris, WITR

McCain launched his career in the early '50's with the Trumpet label in Jackson, MS. In 1955 he signed to the legendary Excello label where he cut some wild blues and rock n' roll that firmly cemented his reputation. In 1960 he cut what is probably his best-known record, "She's Tough" which was later made popular by The Fabulous Thunderbirds. McCain continued to cut some fine records before drifting off into relative obscurity.

At 68 McCain is as good as ever and this new record should do much to raise his profile. This Stuff Just Kills Me has all the ingredients for a tremendous record. First and foremost McCain's harmonica playing remains as strong as ever plus he's surrounded by a great supporting cast including Jimmie Vaughn, Anson Funderburgh, John Primer plus first class piano from Carl Sonny Leyland and the one and only Johnnie Johnson. McCain wrote all the tunes and songs like the humorous "Viagra Man", the touching "Super Woman" about his wife and the romping "Ain't No Use For Drug Abuse" rank as some of his best. Also worth checking out is the rocking opener "Where You Been", the shuffling "Slave Master" and the doomy "My Deal At The Cross Roads" with some serious lowdown playing from all involved. "This Stuff Just Kills Me" is certainly on the shortlist for best blues records of the year and Jerry McCain hasn’t lost a step. Jeff Harris, WITR

Track Listing
1 Where You Been
2 Super Woman
3 This Stuff Just Kills Me
4 Viagra Man
5 Slave Master
6 My Deal at the Crossroads
7 Jealousy
8 Ain't No Use For Drug Abuse
9 Mama's Gone
10 Madison Mood
11 Deadbeats
12 Pull Up In My Garage

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