CCD Songbook $20.00

12 Songs to Sing and to Play

The idea for this performance-ready book—with lyrics, music, chords, photographs and notes on tunings and instruments (like the Bones and Jug)— grew out of the Drops' fun sessions with schoolchildren over the past few years. Rhiannon Giddens –and band members Dom Flemons and Justin Robinson worked with Katharine Walton and Tim Duffy at Music Maker Relief Foundation—to help form and edit her dream for this book. All song transcriptions were written by Rhiannon. She is happy to have, at last and palpably, she says laughing, applied her expensive music degree.

For with this book, many of the Drops' favorite traditional songs, passed down from generation to generation, through families and communities, have for the first time been written and published. Among the 12 songs are “Genuine Negro Jig,” “Cornbread and Butter Beans,” “Peace Behind the Bridge,” “City of Refuge,” “Sourwood Mountain,” “Black Annie,” “Georgie Buck,” “Will Adams’ Breakdown,” and “Don’t Get Trouble in Your Mind.”

Rhiannon and Dom and Justin’s hope is that this book will convey to younger generations this under-represented musical history, born out of the Black Banjo Movement. They have succeeded, as they have with their performances, in making this music modern, and surprisingly edgy, as no one has done before.

8.5" x 10"; four-color throughout; 34 pages plus cover; wiro-bound; beautiful enviro paper is 100 percent post-consumer fiber with soy ink; Barefoot Press.

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