Benton Flippen: 270 Haystack Rd.

Available on iTunes only "Benton Flippen is a one-time phenomenon. Ambling quietly forth from a musical family, he has taken the traditions around him and molded them into something unique to suite himself. Along the way, he’s often astonished and delighted others." -Paul Brown, Westfield, NC

Music Maker is proud to announce the release of 270 Haystack Rd., the second album from 90 year-old fiddler Benton Flippen. Included in this CD are rare songs that highlight Benton's ability to play the fiddle, as he performs with the Smokey Valley Boys, a young group under his tutelage.

"On this recording you'll find three generations of music making represented in the band. All of us are good friends who got together informally one afternoon in Benton's living room simply just to play some good old music. The one common trait you'll find is that we've all been schooled by the generations before us. That unique preservation and the passing on of the torch put a smile on my face and a pride in my soul. Whether you're a beginning fiddler or a veteran banjo picker or maybe just a lover of old-time music, I hope you'll share a little bit of that pride with us when you listen to this album." -Andy Edmonds, the Smokey Valley Boys

Track Listing
1 Lost Train Blues
2 Sittin' On Top of the World
3 The Jaybird Died of a Whooping Cough
4 Logan County Blues
5 My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains
6 Lost Indian
7 Wednesday Night Waltz
8 Cacklin' Hen
9 Cider
10 Red Bird
11 Sugar Hill
12 Flop Eared Mule
13 Cumberland Gap
14 Sunny Home in Dixie
15 Soppin' the Gravy

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