Beverly "Guitar" Watkins: The Spiritual Expressions $12.00

"Georgia-based guitarist, singer and songwriter Beverly 'Guitar' Watkins is one part soul singer, one part rockin' roadhouse mama and one part gifted songwriter." Itunes Reviews

The Spiritual Expressions of Beverly "Guitar" Watkins stems from her dedication and commitment to her faith. Her live shows have always featured gospel music but this is Beverly’s first gospel album. When she is not traveling, Beverly can be found at her church every Sunday, singing and playing the guitar.

The Spiritual Expressions… mixes Beverly’s trademark guitar playing with traditional gospel songs to create an album that is reflective at times and feet stompin' at others.

Track Listing
1 Blessin'
2 The Lord Will Make a Way
3 Born on Christmas Day
4 Blessed by the Name
5 Clap Your Hands
6 Jesus is There for You
7 Jesus Walked on the Water
8 Testimonial
9 Glory Glory Hallelujah
10 Jesus is on the Main Line
11 This Little Light of Mine
12 Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

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