Mudcat: Freedom Creek $12.00

"Mudcat is a tremendous slide guitarist but most of all a god-gifted entertainer." -Tim Duffy, MMRF President

In his ninth release, Freedom Creek, renowned vocalist and slide guitarist Danny Dudeck (Mudcat) is once again backed by the incredible talents of Eskil Wetterqvist on drums, Dave Roth on bass and the unstoppable Lil’ Joe Burton on trombone.

This all-acoustic album presents several original compositions, along with traditional melodies and timeless Blues and soul classics, all crafted in true Mudcat style.

Track Listing
1 Freedom Creek
2 San Antone
3 Empty Room Blues
4 I Want to Know
5 Police Dog Blues
6 Big Bamboo
7 I Just Want to Make Love to You
8 Red Light
9 Peter Rumpkin
10 Try Me
11 Rattlesnake
12 Keep on the Sunny Side

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